Business Plan

Each year Connexions Somerset, in conjunction with young people and our partner agencies, develops a Business Plan, which is sent to the Government Office of the South West for approval. From this full Business Plan we develop a summary plan and an action plan.

Connexions Somerset Business Plan 2005-2006 – Summary

Connexions Somerset is making a difference to the lives of young people:

bullet point Through the direct involvement of Personal Advisers
bullet point Bringing together existing support and advice and identifying a new way of working that makes a difference to the lives of young people and the community of Somerset.

Connexions Somerset will recognise and celebrate the contribution of a range of services, both statutory and voluntary, and seek to break down barriers.

Our plans and our current activity are founded on the belief that to achieve our aims we need to focus on – how we identify and meet the personal learning and development needs of each individual young person.

The detail of how we identified need is covered in the Business Plan. How we will meet these needs deserves highlighting.

We will respond to the requests of young people for better support and advice on relationships by supporting PSHE, Citizenship in schools and colleges and through support and advice in more informal settings.

We will help young people with choices in education and employment not only by improving and expanding our information and guidance provision but also by working with schools and colleges to ensure young people have an individual learning plan to help plot a route between 14 and 19.

Young people want to be more genuinely involved with decision making and planning and as such we are committed to working with people in all that we do. The Connexions Partnership will work to develop services that meet theses expectations.

We will work towards improving access, affordable leisure activities, advice on personal finance and help with affordable accommodation.

The nature of Somerset presents a number of issues and Connexions Somerset will build on existing work:

bullet point To improve access to transport
bullet point To tackle issues of isolation
bullet point To improve access to advice on a range of health support
bullet point To identify affordable accommodation
bullet point To prevent homelessness
bullet point To develop post 16 opportunities

We will do this through existing good practice and developing new ways of working including one stop shops and improved ICT resources:

bullet point That focuses on participation through personal development and learning
bullet point That can be demonstrated to offer continuity and progression
bullet point That provides evidence of learning and achievement

We will work with other organisations in support of young people.

During 2005 and 2006 Connexions Somerset will:

bullet point Provide strategic vision for the company which is shared by young people, partners and staff to ensure continuous development responding to changes brought about by Somerset Children and Young People’s Partnership.
bullet point Improve the use of management information and undertake a scoping exercise to improve data sharing with partners.
bullet point Maintain and develop the involvement of young people in Connexions Service.
bullet point Improve the provision of services to young people through multi-agency working.
bullet point Improve the achievements and learning of young people in conjunction with partners.
bullet point Improve the accessibility of services to young people particularly in rural areas.
bullet point Improve the strategies to meet the needs of vulnerable young people taking into account the contribution of other agencies.
bullet point Improve the marketing of services to young people and stakeholders.
bullet point Contribute to the development of the 14-19 curriculum through the provision of advice, guidance and support.
bullet point Improve staff performance in the delivery of provision and services to young people.
bullet point Respond to the Ofsted Action Plan.
bullet point Undertake a review of the quality standard for Careers Education and Guidance in schools and colleges.
bullet point Contribute to the implementation of an individual learning plan for all young people post 16.
bullet point Achieve Matrix accreditation.

By continuing to develop such provision, more young people will be able to continue with their learning, gain the qualifications they are aiming for, and move onto appropriate provision.


bullet point Increase the percentage of leavers from an e2e programme into a positive outcome to 38% in July 2005 and 47% by July 2006.
bullet point Reduce the percentage of young people not in education, employment, training or voluntary work from 4.2% to 4.0% by November 2006.
bullet point Reduce the percentage of those whose situation is unknown to 5% by March 2006.
bullet point Increase the number of 19 year olds achieving a NVQ Level 2 qualification or equivalent.
bullet point Increase the percentage of young offenders, supervised by YOT in education and training to 90%.
bullet point Increase the percentage of teenage parents in employment, education and training by 5% by April 2006.
bullet point Increase the percentage of students obtaining 5 or more GCSEs at grade A* to C to 61% for 2005 and 62% by 2006.
bullet point Increase the percentage of 17 year olds in learning to 90% by November 2006.

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