What do we offer?

Connexions Somerset offers information, advice, guidance and support to all 13-19 year-olds in Somerset.

We do this by offering young people access to Personal Advisers in schools, colleges, one-stop shops and YMCA Foyers, where they can recieve one to one advice and/or participate in group work.

We also offer a wide range of information through
• Libraries in our Connexions Centres
• Specialist software packages on the PCs in our centres
• A variety of locally produced publications
• Our website

Personal Advisers can offer help that covers anything from expert careers guidance, information about training and work opportunities; and access to more specialised services e.g. housing, benefits, health issues.

Contact with a Personal Adviser is confidential and information about a young person will only be shared with that young person’s consent, unless there are special circumstances. In that case the circumstances will be discussed with the young person before the information is shared with anyone else.

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