Youth Charter

Youth Charter
This Youth Charter was produced by a group of 37 young people from across Somerset who took part in a residential event in September 2003. They decided as a group what was important to them and how they wanted to be treated by the Connexions Service.

Availability & Accessibility
Our service will be available to you through school or college. It will also be available through your local Connexions centres and in your community.

We will do our best to be available at times to suit you and to be flexible.

You can access the service in a variety of ways e.g. e-mail, in person, telephone, post or text

We will do our best to make sure our services are easy to find and in convenient locations.

No matter what your circumstances, you will be able to access Connexions services.

If you have difficulty in using our service we will do our best to make it easier for you.

We will always treat you as an individual.

We will treat you with respect and honesty, whatever your age, sexuality, race, religion or ability.

We will respect everybody’s opinion and listen to it even if it is different to our own.

We will always be friendly, non judgemental and not patronising.

We will not make assumptions about you.

If we do not know the answer to your question, we will tell you – and help you to contact someone who does

Trust and Confidentiality
Our confidentiality policy will be explained clearly before we start working with you.

Any information you give us will remain confidential. However, if you or someone else is in serious danger, we will have to tell other qualified people. We will always let you know if we are doing this.

We will always provide private space for private conversations.

All the Connexions staff who work with you will have been cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau.

All the buildings we work in with you will be safe and accessible for everyone.

All meetings with you will happen in a safe place.

You have the right to say if you don’t feel comfortable or safe.

We will offer you opportunities to be given information, advice / support and guidance on learning, careers, relationships, bullying, family problems or any other issues concerning you.

We will provide you with an experienced personal worker who is there to help you.

We will provide you with accurate and reliable information, advice and help.

If we are unable to help you in your current situation, we will quickly refer and support you to access the best available source of help.

We will give you support in approaching other organisations and services.

We can also help with accessing leisure and volunteering opportunities.

You will make the decisions about your life, we are here to help you not tell you what to do.

You will have the opportunity to be consulted on the service you receive and there will be regular opportunities for you to be involved in making decisions about the service.

We will publicise those opportunities in schools, colleges and in the community

Young people will be invited to be involved in the recruitment of all Connexions staff.

Young people will have the opportunity to be involved in the Local Management Committees of the Board.

You have the right to complain about and challenge the service.

Your complaints will be heard, taken seriously and dealt with confidentially.

We will deal with any complaints within 2 weeks and we will keep you informed about what is happening

We will provide an independent person to complain to outside of the Connexions service.

We will provide anonymous feedback forms in all of the places where we deliver services

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