Hotel Connexions

Hotel Connexions

Hotel Connexions has quickly become one of the most popular online search tools for all aspects of travel and leisure. You can even use it to book a hotel stay! Hotels have always been the preferred lodging choice for many travellers and this is reflected in their search habits. Most travellers tend to look for the best value for money and a hotel break is usually the main selling point of a holiday. The ability to save time and money has also meant that hotel rooms have dropped out of the top ten per cent of hotel bookings made by UK tourists in recent years.

Hotels are usually rated by visitors to the hotel on the scale from one star to five stars. A star is usually reserved for the best quality of accommodation and will be reflected in the price. As a minimum you should plan to stay for at least seven days. Even if you intend to use a car on your trip, a car is not a necessity. Travel by coach or train and you won’t have to pay more than fifty pounds for a two-night stay. And if you’re on a tight budget, you could even consider camping or caravanning – you’ll need to pay a little more but it’ll be cheaper than staying in a hotel!

When you upgrade to Amplis, you can instantly access thousands of search results, save your own dynamic searches, view your booking history, save and track your flight information, and receive email notifications when deals, events, new facilities, or other promotions meet your search parameters. Hotel Connexions has revolutionised holiday planning. You’ll find just the kind of deals you want, when you want them and can plan your holiday with a click of the mouse. They also offer a loyalty scheme, so you’ll continue to enjoy great value for years to come. With hundreds of UK and international hotels located across some of the world’s most beautiful locations, there’s bound to be a hotel you’re sure to love at Amplis.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you’ll get the kind of accommodation you require. If you’re going on a family holiday with young children, there are child-friendly suites available from the earliest dates. If you’re taking your whole family with you, they’ll also be able to find a spacious room that meets their needs. For a special weekend away, you’ll find plenty of self-catering cottages, which are just the right size for groups of friends.

The majority of Amplis’ hotels are located in attractive locations, so you won’t need to look far to find something nice to do or see. If you’re looking for shopping, entertainment or sightseeing, you won’t be far from anything that you want. There’s no need to travel to London, Florence or Paris – simply find the hotel that suits your needs and stay at it!

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you won’t be disappointed with what you find at the Amplis Hotel Connection. Whether you have a specific place in mind, or you’re searching for something a little bit off the beaten path, these hotels will ensure you’re never disappointed with your choice. No matter where you stay, you’ll always be able to find a hotel that caters for your every need. If you want a little taste of the old in your trip, these hotels will provide it!